How do we start?

Simple. All you have to do is send me a message through my contact form. You will find a link to the contact form at the top of this website or at the bottom. When you get there, fill in all the details and provide me with as much detail as you can about your project. Tell me what industry you operate in, the website you wanted and what the previous designer or developer did. Tell me the issues that happened so that when we have our free 40-minute discovery call, it will be a more productive session based on transparency. 

What can you do to help my project?

It depends on the state of the project right now. If the project was left at the design stage, it is not so hard to pick up. If the project was left in the development stage, I would need to know the types of technologies that were used in creating the website and take a look in the code to evaluate what is leftover and needs completing or fixing. 

How long will you take to get my project running?

It all depends on where your project stands in terms of development. If the codebase is clean and the technology is what I work with, I will be able to give you an estimate of the time and cost it would take to get the project back on track. If the project is in a technology that is different from what I work with, I would advise you how to and where to find another developer that is better suited for your project. 

I already have a project and it's complete. I am now looking to change a few features. Can you help?

Of course. I just need to have a chat with you on what needs changing and a look at the code of the website to understand it. Then I will provide you with a time and cost estimate for the work that needs completing. Once we start work you will have access to a private link where you can monitor the work in progress and give your feedback at the completion of every feature I complete. 

Want to have a free consultation about your website?

I offer a free 40 minute consultation over a call to help you narrow the aims of your objectives of your app. This consulation comes with zero obligations on your part and my clients are usually very satisfied with the insights obtained as it helps them visualise what needs to be done.

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