Why do I have to invest in this?

The design and development of a website do not mean that the work ends there. It is important to keep an eye on the data on how your website is performing as a website that is getting slower over time is a website that will see reduced visitors. So any client who has a website should invest some time and effort into maintaining it. 

How much will it cost me?

If you partnered with me for design and development, maintenance is free for the first 4 months to ensure the website performs at its highest efficiency. I will ensure this by updating all the packages to their latest versions and optimising the website after looking at the performance of the website. After the 4 months, we can enter into a partnership retainer where I keep an eye on your website’s performance on a regular performance and optimise it. If a retainer is not suitable and you’d prefer me to undertake an audit and optimise the website on an ad-hoc basis, that is also possible. 

How do I measure the performance of the website?

A good way to see how your website is performing from a technical perspective is to run a Lighthouse audit on it. This gives an indicator of the performance of your website from Google perspective and tells you details such as the loading speed, things that are slowing the website and the degree of its accessibility to users with disabilities. A second tool is Google Analytics through which you can see the loading speed of individual pages and bottlenecks that are slowing the website. It’s also a good habit to run the code for your website on a local development server and update the libraries and packages it uses to ensure it has continued support. 

Want to have a free consultation about your website?

I offer a free 40 minute consultation over a call to help you narrow the aims of your objectives of your app. This consulation comes with zero obligations on your part and my clients are usually very satisfied with the insights obtained as it helps them visualise what needs to be done.

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