Why it is free

It’s free because I have first hand seen the effects of clients who have been misled by the advice of those who did not have their best interest in mind. Some of the worst-case scenarios I’ve heard include having to pay out gigantic sums of money for relatively small projects, using the wrong technological frameworks for a project simply due to convenience or just sloppy development that will require the client to spend a fortune to upgrade in a few months. The 40-minute discovery session I offer you comes with zero strings attached, as the only goal in it is to provide you with the best advice for your project and not my benefit. 

How will I set up a discovery session with you? 

Simple. All you have to do is click on the contact button in the top menu or at the bottom of this page. It will take you to my contact page where I have some questions for you. Answering these questions with some detail will allow me to get an understanding of the kind of project you would like to talk to me about, so I can prepare for it.

What kind of questions about design should I be ready for?

The type of questions I ask clients who are looking for a web design depend on the project. But thinking about questions such as who your target is, what kind of industry you operate in, what the end goal of your website is and the kind of websites your competitors have is always a good starting point. 

What kind of questions should I be ready for when it comes to development?

This again depends on the type of client and the end goal of your website. If you are a client who is seeking a website for your business and this website will not be updated very often we can make it using a tool called Gatsby JS or Next JS as they generate the pages for your website beforehand, so that when a visitor comes to your page and clicks on it, the pages load instantly. If you need your users to provide some input and work with some logic and data, then it might be good to use Next JS as its more stable at dealing with client input. Either way, the best technology is the technology that fits your project and your budget, which is why a discovery session is always a good idea. 

What about domains and making sure my website is on Google?

You as the client will need to purchase the domain (I will of course instruct you), after which I will connect your website to it. Once this is done I will connect your website with Google Analytics that will help track your users and their behaviour. Search Engine Optimisation which is very important is dealt with when developing the website as I put a tremendous amount of focus on performance optimisation, so your website will be discoverable on Google a few days after we upload it.

Want to have a free consultation about your website?

I offer a free 40 minute consultation over a call to help you narrow the aims of your objectives of your app. This consulation comes with zero obligations on your part and my clients are usually very satisfied with the insights obtained as it helps them visualise what needs to be done.

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