What is the best technology to use in creating my website?

The best thing about creating a project from scratch is that anything is possible. So the best technology for your website is the technology that fits your project requirements and budget. This is one of the aspects that I would have advised you on during the initial discovery session as the development is usually the most labour intensive and costly portion of any web development project. Rest assured that I will always pick a technological stack that fits your budget to ensure the continuity of your project. 

What are the technological tools used quite often?

The core technologies that I work with on a regular basis are Gatsby JS and Next JS, as they provide me with the ability to create websites with reusable components. The usage of such reusable components plays a huge role in reducing the development time in a project which means the cost for the development also tends to be smaller. These 2 tools also are highly performing, meaning that any website created with them are already optimised for loading fast on mobile as well as large devices. 

How reliable are these tools?

Highly reliable. Both Gatsby JS and Next JS are built on React, a technology created by Facebook, meaning that there is no end to the support provided towards them. This support is multiplied by the fact that Gatsby JS and Next JS are individual companies updating their tools on a very regular basis, meaning your website or app gets best in class tools to help it function a long time into the future. 

What does the development process look like?

Depending on the complexity of the design I agree on with the client, I am able to provide the client with an estimate of the number of hours needed to develop it. I then break this number of hours by the number of features on the website and create mini-goals. The development is done to achieve these mini-goals as it makes managing the development of the website easier to manage. The client is provided with information about the mini-goal for the week on Monday and a recap of what was achieved prior to the weekend. The client is also provided with a private link where they can observe the work in progress at any time they wish. 

Want to have a free consultation about your website?

I offer a free 40 minute consultation over a call to help you narrow the aims of your objectives of your app. This consulation comes with zero obligations on your part and my clients are usually very satisfied with the insights obtained as it helps them visualise what needs to be done.

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