Case study: creating a website for Michał Rejent's new podcast

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Scope of the Project

The client required the design and development of a website to act as the landing page for their new podcast series: Syndrom Krugera. The requirements of the project was to create a unique design, great SEO for discoverability and the possibility for users to keep up with the news, images and podcasts of the author of the website: Michal Rejent. All this within a timeline of 45 days.

The Design

Due to the clients requirements for a website design that matched the aesthetics of punk magazines in the past, I conducted research and created several mockups of the home page in order to come to an understanding of the clients vision for the website. Upon the approval of one of the home page mockups, I used its design elements to create the designs for the rest of the pages.

The Development

The development was done using Gatsy JS (a react framework) in order to boost the SEO status of the website upon launch. This combined with the use of reusable components allowed for the speedy development of the website in order to meet the project deadlines. The content for the website was fetched from the Contentful content management system to give the client full control of their content without the need for a developer. We used the Spotify API alognside this to ensure, the podcasts listened to on the website would be trackable and hosted the website on Netlify.

The Handover

The project was completed on schedule and the client was onboarded to the content management system via a video call. A recording of the this onboarding was then provided to the client for future reference. Upon completing this, the website was connected to Google analytcis and Google Search Console, listing the website for search engines to discover it and allowing the client to observe website traffic.

Kisho did a fantastic job with the design, development and complete the project on time as we requested of him. He is a true professional who is skilled and did a very fine job of onboarding us to the content management system. Would defintely work with him in the future!

Michal Rejent- CEO, Syndrom Krugera

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