Case study: an e-commerce website for RayRue, the premier brand for female workwear

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The Requirements

The client required a custom e-commerce website in order to sell their range of clothing to the UK market. The core requirements in this project was that the the design needed to be minimalist, fast loading, SEO prioratised and use an inventory management system that was easy to use for the client. Another key requiremnt requested of the client was the responisvenes of the website in order to provide a great experience for mobile users as well as those on large devices.

The Design

Due to the clients design requirements, I first set out on a research phase, in order to seek inspiration from projects that matched the clients design expectations and brand guidelines. Upon the completion of the research, the client was provided with several designs for the homepage. The design chosen from these options was then used to model the rest of the pages in order to ensure a cohesive look and fel across the website.

The Development

The frontend of the website was created using the Gatsby JS framework as it preloads the pages, allowing the website to load very fast and be SEO friendly. The content management system used to provide content was Contenful on account of the very seamless intergratios it has with Contenful. For inventory control and payment handling, the website used the Shopify software development Kit as it is a very easy user interface to interact with, making sure the client is completely independent of developers when controling inventory and payments.

The Result

The intergration of the Shopify Software Development Kit to the frontend removed the need to create a custom backend to handle inventory and payment. This reduced the development time and cost to the client drastically, allowing the project to be completed at a cost the client was pleased with. The website is now pending release till the client has finished finalised production of the products and is to be deployed by the February of 2021.

Working with Kisho was a pleasure because he definetly overdelivered on all the requirements I wanted of this project. The website as developed fast with minimal supervisionbecause he knew what he was doing and kept me in on the loopon all important matters. I love the website he created for me and wont hesitate for a second to reccomend him to anyone I know! Thank you again!

Betty Gapare- CEO of RayRue

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