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The Business Requirements

Having begun operations in 2019 Ovini was looking to create a website for itself in order to increase its visibility with potential clients. The client requested for a website that matched her brands signature colors and services offered. The website was also required to load fast despite an abudndance of images and be fully responsive across devices of various sizes. The timeline set for the project from the client's end was 1 month in order to launch the website to coincide her marketing campaigns.

The Design

Since the client requested me to undertake the design of the website in addition to its development, I first engaged the client in a design scoping session in order to discover what her brand represents, what it should portray to its customers and the brands that inspire her. Based on this session and 12 hours of research, I provided the client with several designs that was applicable to her brand. The client opted for one that showcased her work in the style of a fashion magazine.

The Development

In order to respect the clients requirements of having the website be easy to update with a content management system, load fast and be SEO friendly, I opted to use Gatsby, a framework built on React JS and Contentful, a world class content management system. The website was build upon the component concept of React JS which allowed me to reduce duplication of code and make the website load faster. Netlfiy was chosen as the hosting service as it was free and intergrated very well with our development framework- Gatsby JS.

The Result

The design + development of the website from the time of the first scoping session with the client was completed in 95 hours and I was able to meet the clients chief requirement of having the website ready in under a month. The website was created to be SEO friendly, load fast and with the client having full control over editing the content therein. The website, 3 days after launch was discovered on 5th place on Google search rankings and is expected to rank even higher with future SEO optimisations.

Handing my website to Kisho was the best decision I made because I barely had to worry whether the work was being done or not as I recieved updates every 20 hours. I loved the design work he did and how it was brought to life exactly the way I wanted. I wil make sure to use him for all my future projects and will reccomend him to my friends!

Ovini Hewawasam- CEO of Ovini Studio

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